It's time to use Evie in your Discord server.

Evie is a feature-rich, easy to use Discord bot built to deliver the best experience of a bot on Discord!

What is Evie all about?

Essential Moderation Tools

Easily add banned words for your Discord server, delete known phishing links, and more on our online dashboard, for Evie to yell at them for using a banned word in your server.

Animated image of a user setting banned words for their server and then testing if Evie deletes the message with the banned word.
Animated image of a user viewing Hypixel stats, TristanSMP Stats, and Server stats

Useful Utilities

Ever wanted to search google, check someone's Hypixel stats, check how much people are on a Minecraft server, check your TristanSMP stats, and more straight from Discord? Well now you can!